I love animals, cinema & art, but my biggest passion is fashion...and that's why I'm here sharing it with you! :)

Choose what to watch :D

Tomorrow I will record a new video and I was wondering what you marzipans would like to see the most! ^_^

Here are some options:
- Haul
- Fashion video
- Skincare routine
- Cooking video

Let me know!

  1. megwon6 said: Haul ^.^
  2. monarchyofhydrangeas said: Fashion video ! <3
  3. thesmallestkat said: Skin care routine ^_^ ❤
  4. theameonna said: Haul!!!!
  5. hinata-s said: DIY c; x
  6. allthoseonedirectionthings said: Totally a DIY or Cooking video.
  7. megabrielae said: Fashion Video!!! :3
  8. pewdiecryloverofbubblewrap reblogged this from marziacutiepie and added:
    DIY PLEASE I’ve been feeling really crafty but need a project
  9. wolves-of-arya reblogged this from marziacutiepie and added:
    DIY, of course! :)
  10. flariett said: It’s sooo hard to choose coz I love all of your videos. But I’ll go with fashion video ♥
  11. drawing-attempt said: cooking
  12. jay-brownie said: Cooking xxx bake cupcakes again xxxx
  13. mizzyest said: Fashion please, would love to see more spring outfits! :3
  14. teamdamonbitches reblogged this from marziacutiepie and added:
    DIY Marzia, DIY ♥ Please - i need inspiration for my friends birthady ♥
  15. shadansalah reblogged this from marziacutiepie and added:
  16. purplestuff10 said: DIY. !!!
  17. elivv reblogged this from marziacutiepie and added:
    Do a skincare routine ^.^
  18. slovak-folk-costumes said: Cooking video :3
  19. sisthanissa said: Skincare routine please please Marzia! :*
  20. callemattisson said: Fashion video for boys ! :D
  21. helenella said: skincare!
  22. colourmestrange said: Skincare ^_^
  23. starryeyedphantom said: Fashion!!! Or a haul or both
  24. felixsugg said: Haul or fashion video! Or cooking video with Pewds! (-:
  25. sakura2838 said: skincare would be nice! You have such pretty skin… QQ
  26. kikahchu said: Any video you do would be amazing. I love you, Marzia! 😊
  27. youcantdividebyzero said: DIY! :3
  28. selenapqueen said: Cooking video =^_____^=
  29. evermoreweareinfinite said: Cooking video!

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