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Anime Time :D

Death Note or Clannad? 
Not sure with which one I should start ;) 

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    Death Note!!! :D And I think you’ll like Hetalia. :)
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    I would pick death note because I grow up watching it with my cousin we would sit on my carpet and watch it and we’re...
  3. guypizza said: Clannad!!
  4. shadansalah said: Death note
  5. pheypheystewart said: Clannad!!!!
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    death note!
  7. scribbleplates said: Death nooooote :)
  8. meowsabu said: Oh, and you should start watching Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni !! It’s my favorite anime of all time, I just love it. :3 Byeh. <3
  9. kittdee said: Death Note!
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    those hard times for decisions…
  11. hardpliers said: Clannad
  12. cookiesrevenge said: I’ll go for Clannad :>
  13. syun-syun said: Clannad! Then watch clannad after story so that you can cry forever!
  14. kawaii-maddiepie said: Clannad :)
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  16. simeonrobin said: Death Note bien sur!! Et si tu as l’occasion de lire les mangas, fais le!
  17. ryanmatthewkai said: Clannad!! its so sad, especially the second season

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