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Sick, again!

Today I wanted to record a vlog or a Q&A but I’m sick, my voice is awful and I don’t feel like putting my face in front of the camera…but I still want to make a video :P Do you have any suggestions on what I could do, where is not necessary for me to physically appear? 
Please don’t say “draw my life” because I don’t have enough energy to make that type of video right now :P
Sorry for the difficult question, and thanks for the help ^_^


  1. b-e-n-t-l-e-y said: Aw hope you feel better Marzia
  2. folie-ax-deux said: Awww feel better :c
  3. little-elisa said: A DIY? c:
  4. felixsugg said: Puga being cute video, accesories/Jewerlly collection, favorite clothes? (: Hope your will get better!
  5. vola-libera said: One of your scary stories or something about like the life if Puga? Lol
  6. superthirstyturtwig said: You can do a diy or something feel better :)
  7. assbutt-samifer said: do a lets play!!! :)
  8. parfaitlynormal said: Maya!
  9. smashingly said: Puga being adorable? I love seeing her! :3
  10. reallycoolurl12 said: Show us your accesory collection :O
  11. neojack-o-lantern said: Seeing this while I’M sick! You should make a sort of video on what you do to feel better while you don’t feel well. Hope you feel better!
  12. buckybeak said: maybe a DIY or maya!
  13. peach-vomit said: Feel better soon :3
  14. missprg said: The adventures of your pug caught on camera!
  15. helenella said: Get better soon, Marzia <3 You can for example make a video where you show your favorite make-up or your beauty products? ^_^
  16. yumetori said: maybe you could sleep, so you can get healthy again? good luck! <3
  17. victim-of-reginagorge said: A DIY :D hope you you feel better marzia <3
  18. tetroph said: I would love you see your dogs doing something funny! They’re the cutest! I hope you get well soon!
  19. whatnobacon said: please get better soon, marzia! o u o
  20. itstheelizabeast said: Could you do a video with puga-chan? I just had to give away two pugs and I think she is adorable to watch on screen. It makes me feel a little bit better, especially since one of them was missing an eye like yours too.
  21. ermsy said: A DIY? Hope you feel better Marzia! :)

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