I love animals, cinema & art, but my biggest passion is fashion...and that's why I'm here sharing it with you! :)


Any particular request for my next video? :)

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  2. hardpliers said: Jewelry collection please!!!
  3. itspronouncedkex said: Your best tip on what to do when you’re sick would be welcome here C:
  4. medelfab said: do Draw My Life please ! <3
  5. flygirll said: Ohh! You should another DIY! I love it when you do those and they give me such great ideas! :D <3 Love you Marzia.
  6. helenella said: DIY and draw my life! <3
  7. theameonna said: I would really enjoy seeing a fashion haul video :)
  8. megabrielae said: A day in the Life or Marzia!! :) <3 or maybe a cute hair updo tutorial? :)
  9. lovely-quaintrelle said: "Draw my life" :D
  10. karina0092 said: You can show us some of your italian traditions (food,clothes) And nice places to visit were you live :3
  11. meelorii said: Why dont you make like a mythbusters thingy but with fashion? Like, do vertical stripes make you thiner, or is it just a myth? that type of questions tha need answer… (just brainstorming here, sorry if its weird) :)
  12. lovestrength87 said: How about a Q&A? You can have people ask you questions on here and twitter, than you choose randomly what to answer.
  13. jaaaahcy said: Take us around town! :3
  14. puffkinpie said: Have you ever thought about doing a video on shyness, maybe? There’s probably a lot of shy subs on your channel, so maybe taking this on together would be nice. Idk. Just a suggestion.
  15. tastetheludes said: Men’s spring fashion clothes :)
  16. yourvein said: Day with Marzia/ Draw my Life *o*
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    Any kind of DIY ! :]
  18. mjauduuude said: Draw your life! :D
  19. welcome-to-columbia said: porn :P
  20. butlersbooty said: Play who can get the peanut butter first with your cute little doggie and your boyfriend, by putting it on their noses and have them try to lick it off:3
  21. exquisite-pearl said: You should make a video…all about Maya! A day in the life of a pug!
  22. cherimayo said: I think you should play dress-up with Pugga-chan! :3
  23. youtube-feels said: Spring outfits? Casual Day out or dressy kind?
  24. liveanddiefightingfortheartofwar said: What to wear at a friends birthday party. 2 looks: A casual kind of look, but it’s not something you’d wear if you were just hanging around at home or something. And one for if you needed to wear something really nice and ‘dressed up’ If you could do one with a…
  25. ferveurfemme said: Hair accessories? :3
  26. xim-a-pretenderx said: It’s getting warmer and warmer so maybe something connected with spring? ;)
  27. meowloree said: "Shopping with marzia?!!" :3

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