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Has anyone found a solution yet?
Sometimes…well, most of the time, my shyness keeps me from doing things that I would like to do. I can’t even pick up a phone to order pizza or meet new people if I’m alone, and I have been dealing with this problem for all my life.

People expect that, since I do YT as my job, I’m open and social, but I really am not. I get amazing opportunities to write books, have my own program on tv etc…but I can never accept them. Don’t get me wrong, It’s not my dream to be on TV, I’m a simple person and I’m happy with my life, but I just wish I was able to choose what to do instead of always say “no”. 
Everybody tells me that it’s easy, nothing bad is going to happen and I just need to try, but to me, it feels like it’s impossible to go over this problem and I can’t live life completely.

I know that many of you, marzipans, deal with the same problem, so now I’m asking you if you have any suggestions. I want to know what you do about it and how it effects your life.

Thank you ^_^

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