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Talking to You :)

Hey marzipans, I just wanted to talk with you a little, since I haven’t been here much lately. How are you? :) If you ever go shopping I would love to see what you buy so please take pictures of your best finds so you can give me some inspiration ;)
Anyway, today is one of those days when I feel a little down. Nothing bad, really, but I still notice on every video comments about Pewdiepie. If I work hard on a video I get good views, but then If I upload a silly and short video of Pewdiepie it gets super popular. Many youtubers wouldn’t complain about that, views are good, but I work really hard on my videos and I always try to do my best…so sometimes I just feel sad. I feel like I’m popular just because of him, and not because I actually deserve it. 
I hope you get what I’m saying ^_^

Oh well, I didn’t mean to make you feel sad :P Haha I just wanted to chat with you a little since I really consider you as my friends.
Let me know if you like when I share with you personal things and I will try to talk with you more…you are really important to me :)

Okay now it’s time to go, a huge pizza it’s waiting to be eaten! :D

Have a wonderful Friday night marzipans,

  1. miharumi said: I watch you because I like your sense of fashion! Doesn’t make a difference whether Pewdie is in it or not.
  2. moreline said: I know this feeling, Marzia. I’m in similar situation with my arts. Usually I don’t get a lot of feedbacks to my drawings but when it have a PewDiePie tag (because it’s for him) it gets more popular. Still really small amount of likes or reblogs or comments but nitoceably…
  3. evasvobodova said: Don’t be sad. It’s understandable that his fans want to see videos of him. I’m not a fan of PewDie. You are an inspiring and lovely person, don’t doubt yourself. You just need to attract different type of people for your fan base and that takes time.
  4. siennadear said: Aww Marzia :(( I’m sorry that you’re feeling down. People can be so inconsiderate. I love your channel because of how sweet and funny you are, and I adore your sense of fashion. Your videos are so cute and they always make me smile!! <3 Love you!!
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  6. jazarrab said: You’re such a lovely girl. Such a good soul and one that shouldn’t feel sad. Just know you have us who love you for who you are and nothing else. No frowns and always smiles. <3
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    Stop being so sweet and incredible Marzia.
  8. lady-aku said: D’aww Marzia D: don’t get down about all that, I’m one of those people that love your videos even though I found out about you through Felix’s channel. I LOVE your videos, and you even help me with some advice<3 your very talented and beautiful too!
  9. silence-is-listening said: Marzia, I understand, when ppl comment on your videos you want to see comments directed to you or the topic of video. You don’t make videos for Pewdie fans to watch, you make them for us Marzipans. Never stop making videos for us :) we’re out there!
  10. theemmaann said: I found you through Pewdie, but you are completely different people.. I like YOU because you have a unique fashion sense and you are actually really nice. Don’t feel down about this situation, YOUR viewers are here for you :):) x
  11. pweadaportfolio said: You ARE popular for YOUR OWN GOOD-POINTS! You are really good at making videos and outfits, Pewdie is just a bonus. Im subscribed TO YOU FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU <3
  12. ponnderosa said: i don’t want to be mean or anything, but honey even your username is sort of reffering to pewdiepie.. i like YOUR videos more though than the ones with pewdie because you can tell you’ve put work on it :) it will probably grow different with time though, people will see what…
  13. printablestickers said: MARZIA WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! And Pewdietoo…. but we REALLY look forward to seeing you!!!!! We understand what you’re saying. <3 have great Friday too C:
  14. the-unspeakable-nerd said: Marzia I really do hope that you see that we all love you for who you are. Sure your Pewdiepie’s girlfriend, but I only see one of the best YouTubers when I watch your videos ^///^ Enjoy that pizza of yours :3
  15. lulu-kana said: *hugs* take care Marzia! I watch your videos be it whether Pewdie is there or not! You are the first fashion youtuber I follow! :D My day was great! I hope you have a great day too! <3
  16. thewhiteoreoofyork said: Well marzia I think its normal that people comment like that, but dont worry im sure with time they will understand that you are two separate people and you are amazing all on your own :) GIMMIE PIZZA Saludos desde Mexico Marzia!
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  18. xoathena said: aww:c hope you feel better Marzia! you are one of the sweetest person ever! and it made me so happy that you replyed to me:3 it made my day^^and I have so much respect for you, you acually care aboute youre fans and take time to reply to them^_^ you are so kind and so nice…

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