I love animals, cinema & art, but my biggest passion is fashion...and that's why I'm here sharing it with you! :)

Fashion Challenge :)

I was thinking about doing a fashion challenge….I don’t want to say too much about it but I would like to know if you are interested on watching it! :D 

Also, I wanted to talk to the guys. I really want to apologize if I don’t make enough videos for you, I get sad sometimes because I would like to help you too but being a girl I find it difficult most of the time, since I can’t always ask Felix to model for me :/ So yeah, I wanted to apologize and thank you for your support ^_^


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  2. dirtclauds said: a fashion challenge definitely sounds interesting! you’re doing what you can and i’m sure everyone will understand ^^
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  4. shufflegirldicey said: das okie we louff yoo Marzipan^3^

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