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Weird allergies…

I was sitting for just 3 minutes on a normal plastic chair in my garden and I felt a weird feeling on my arms, that were touching the armchairs. So I looked at them and they were really red…after a couple seconds some itchy tiny bubbles appeared all over my arms and hands ;_; Is that even possible? :(

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  2. your-face-doesnt-interest-me answered: I had the same thing happen to me a TON all over my arms and stomach after too much tanning. But I was out for hours. Is your skin sensitive?
  3. bthurst answered: O.O I don’t think that’s good cuse my girlfriend gets sun burnt from the med’s she takes but no tiny bubbles
  4. isipepiphany answered: Yep, you can be allergic to the plastic or the material on the chairs.
  5. bromancetastic answered: i get those too but sometimes on my hands…and i dont know why ;.;
  6. salsa64 answered: y r u so cute
  7. drawing-attempt answered: yes, just go to the doctor and ask for a test of allergies :S
  8. anas-tears-and-butterflies answered: Is it poison ivy maybe? :o It sounds like it!! You may have some of this plant in your garden?
  9. taffytoots answered: That may be midgy bites (I think it’s called that) they are little flies you get around this year, it itches when they bite, but isnt harmful
  10. janeegofett said: if you have sat in the chair before and nothing happen then something must have been spray near by or maybe just dirt and dust from nature, make sure you wipe it down. All in all, you should make a trip to the Dr. so it doesn’t happen again.
  11. nyctophilianess answered: Yes, I Guess It Is. o: You Must Have Really Sensitive Skin.
  12. passive-aggressivelux answered: hives?
  13. kittdee answered: yes it is possible, trust a person who has bad allergies. Just make sure to take some allergy meds every now and then it’ll get better.
  14. wingeddestroyer answered: That is an allergic raction. Put some ice on it and I would go to a doctor to take an allery test if all you did was sit down on a chair.
  15. monkey130694 answered: Don’t worry, I’m allergic to Dust, Pollon and cats!! :S haha you can go have a skin prick test to find out what youre allergic to! :) x
  16. sarawithnoh7 answered: Maybe hives. I get them all the time. This is gonna sound weird, but if you mark an “X” in them, it doesn’t itch as much anymore. C=
  17. goaliegirl30 answered: Did you get bit by something perhaps and didn’t notice? :( Are you okay?
  18. nahgisahazuki answered: Aww, sorry marzia, it could be something on the chair thats causing the reaction! :)
  19. coffebug answered: ZOMBIEEEEE
  20. fireaux answered: Perhaps there was some sun-tan oil with added ingredients in it on the armchair that, in the sun, your skin have an allergic reaction to D:
  21. roiboo answered: perhaps there were something on the chair, like pollen? did you touch the chair anywhere else with bare skin?
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    ;A; Go see a skin doctor! Hope it stops soon, Marzia! ;w;
  23. electronic-harmony said: Hope you’re alright, now!
  24. popsicoool answered: ARE YOU OKAY NOW?:) X
  25. yoona-omo answered: Sounds like hives to me
  26. erioz answered: d’aww liddul bb :( i hope you’re feeling better
  27. the-singing-dead answered: Like everyone has said, you probably had an allergic reaction to the plastic. Or maybe you got bit by some bugs? You’ll be fine ^.^

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