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Mascara for your hair?

I was just randomly watching YouTube videos this morning when I saw one from ClioMakeup. I’m not really a fan, but sometimes it happens that I see her videos. Anyway, I saw that she was suggesting how to color your hair without dying it. She found some mascaras that you can use directly in your hair and the color stays until you wash it away. It seems really a nice product, so today I want to go out and look for it. If I actually succeed you will see me pretty soon with different colors in my head ;) And if you will like the result I would like to do a giveaway! :D Let’s how this goes…

  1. annabeth-swan-cullen answered: Penises
  2. tamunicorn answered: I thought they were super awesome and the pink and blue were very cute colors. <3
  3. adamjared answered: Can’t wait to see it Marzia! I’m sure it will look great. The product itself does look different, but I would like to see the result!
  4. wirelesswizard answered: Sounds really cool! :3
  5. the-whispering-forest answered: That sounds super interesting! :o Can’t wait to see~
  6. tiffanyyxrose answered: I tried the sultra one on yesterday it works really well and is water proof and also it comes in 4 colors ^-^ its 25 dolllars at sephora :)
  7. vomito-stelle answered: stargazer-products.com/… costano anche di meno di quelli di Sephora che fa vedere Clio nel video c:
  8. atlantahoney said: sounds fun! hope you find it/like it! :)
  9. arlunydd answered: That seems really cool!
  10. sweetjesuswhatanatheist answered: I already tried this. My hair is dark brown, so usually it’s hard to get highlights without really colouring it. I like the resultat but it
  11. kittdee answered: Woah :o i never heard about stuff like that but that’d be so coool ^w^ I always wanted a bit of color on my tips.
  12. parakatee answered: You could do some colourful highlights, like pink, you would look great :) n you can dye your hair with dry pastels, it’s temporary though :)
  13. asoldsoulswander answered: I used to make “coontails” in my hair using mascara back in my alternative period. It does work but it looks a bit weird :P I’m curious!
  14. genderqueerassholecat answered: I have Hair mascara and It’s pretty cool! The colours are really intense!
  15. i-liek-you answered: O
  16. blacksmokeistheanswer answered: There are also these things called sugar bugs I think you can run through your hair, also very bright eyeshadows! Don’t make a mess though:)
  17. ghostrhydor answered: Oh, be careful! I had a cheap brand of that but it made my hair all hard. :/
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